Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A tiny bite from the crazy bug-

OK. I lost it a little bit this morning. Here is the situation:

I sent in my updated resume and Education Questionnaire. I feel good about my resume and ok about my questionnaire. I did not write out long essays for each question (for a reminder about the questions see last post). The most I wrote was 2 paragraphs for one of the questions (though as essay could have been written about each of them).

The question that I am most concerned about is the standard peace corps question: Why do you want to be a teacher in a developing country? I just could not force myself to sit down and write a 3 page heart wrenching story about education in my life and the ability to gain so much while teaching others. So, I was honest but short. I figured that they have all of my other application documents, including my application essays.

Now, after some suggestions were received too late, I am feeling a teency weency bit nervous about my questionnaire (previously I had been panicking). The questionnaire did say that there are no right or wrong answers for the questions, that they are merely prompts to get you thinking......

So, just in case- Do people get this far in the process and not get an invitation?

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