Monday, February 7, 2011

In the wind

I am starting to get nervous. I still have not heard anything from the Placement Office. My toolkit still says, 'Your file is currently under consideration. Please review the information on this page to determine whether Peace Corps is awaiting any information from you.'  Nothing. I can't even find out how to contact the Placement Office. I would just like an email addres to which I can address my concerns. Specifically, that I am worried they have forgotten about me.

It seems like most applicants hear from the Placement Office within a few days of being medically cleared.
 How long do most people wait between being medically cleared and hearing about what comes next?


  1. A Placement Assessment Assistant contacted me via email less than a week after I received notice that I had been cleared medically. However, the contact was to request some additional information from one of my references (sent to them originally last July)and also for an updated resume. I was told that a Placement officer would contact me "within the next several weeks, if not sooner." That was on 12/8/2010 (over two months ago). I did write to that Placement Assistant in the interim and was told that PC looks for patience as a desired quality among the applicants.
    So, I am still waiting.
    Take heart, however, many applicants wait this long and longer. Try to maintain PMA (positive mental attitude). PC will establish the best plan for you and some country's needs.
    Best wishes to you throughout the process.

  2. Hi Emma,

    I'm not sure how long most people wait to hear from Placement after being medically cleared but I thought it might be reassuring to you to hear that I was medically cleared almost a month ago and I am still waiting for contact from Placement.

    I know many people hear from a Placement Assistant right away but I don't think it's totally abnormal or cause for serious concern if there is some lag time between medical clearance and contact.

    Maybe your recruiter can help you with contact information? I know that at least the Community and Youth Development desk has a general email address that I was given to send them updates about my active Spanish learning so maybe you could get a similar general email address for your nomination program.

    Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. It all depends on your availability date. Until the end of January, they were working almost solely on placing those people who were set to leave between April and June. Their summer departures are their focus from now until April.

  4. It took a little over two weeks for them to contact me after I was medically cleared. Good luck with the rest of your application process!!

  5. then almost two months before I heard from Placement again to schedule my final assessment interview. Don't fret! It will work out! Good luck with everything!