Peace Corps Timeline

Application submitted: September 24th, 2010

Interview: October 19th

Nomination: October 26th

Medical Kit Received: November 1st

Medical Kit Returned: November 19th

Medical Kit Received by PC: November 25th

Medical Clearance: January 24th, 2011

PC Requests updated resume: February 7th

Sent resume: February 8th

Got a call that an Invitation is on it's way to me: February 11th

Got a call that I was accidentally sent the wrong invitation and that I would hear more about another placement on 'Monday' (read Tuesday, Monday was a holiday): February 18th

Got an email with 2 possible placements: February 22nd

Replied with a well thought out preference: February 24th

Got my official E-mail invitation for Swaziland!!!!: February 24th

Accepted invitation: February 28th