Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surprise!! Swaziland!!!

Wow! I guess I have some more research to do. I will be a part of the first Non-Formal Education Project to go to Swaziland.
Any one else?


  1. What do you mean by Non-Formal English group? And when does the trip leave?

  2. Here is what the booklet I got says about the Non-Formal Education Project (Sorry the name was a little off in my post, I was still pretty overwhelmed from getting the invite):YOUR PRIMARY DUTIES

    The Post’s new Non-Formal Education Program will enable
    Volunteers to work in a variety of school and community
    development activities. Volunteers will not be recruited through this
    program to serve as full-time classroom teachers. Rather, they will
    engage in such activities as providing technical assistance to teachers
    to promote participatory teaching methods. They will provide
    informal instruction to students on a variety of subjects (i.e. health,
    gardening, business, career guidance counseling, life skills, etc.)
    through extracurricular clubs and individual and small group
    meetings. They will also engage community members to strengthen
    and harmonize the community-school link.

    The departure date for staging is June 2nd.

  3. That sounds really cool. I am happy for you.

  4. Congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic placement! Here is a link to another person going to that program:

  5. Check out a blog entitled "Life is Calling..." she's in the same program.

  6. I am the "she" referred to in the previous comments. We are in the same program! Since I was invited 2 weeks ago I have been spending a lot of time reading up on Swazi. Congrats!

  7. Hi, Sherlie!!

    I have discovered on the FB Future Peace Corps Volunteers Page a Swaziland 2011 discussion with a few other invitees.

    I have a quick question for you: Did your invitation include a Job title?
    And do we need to do Visa stuff?
    **I got a little bit of an informal e-mail invitation, given that I had already received the BBP**

  8. Emma, that sounds amazing. You'll be great at it. Do you know what part of Switzerland you'll be in? I've been there a couple of times. What a fantastic place to be stationed.

  9. Oops, I read it wrong. Never been to Swaziland. Hee, I thought the Peace Corps was sending you to Switzerland. :)

  10. Hi Emma, I am just seeing your comment. No we don't have to do visa paper work but I'm sure you've figured that out by now.

    The job title is Non-Formal Educator. There seems to be a confusion on departure date when I got my invite on 2/9 staging date was June 2 but I've read recent invitees have June 7th. What's up with that?

  11. Hey Sherlie, I'm also a Non-Formal Education Invitee. I received my invite packet on Feb. 1st and it has the June 2-3 staging date crossed out and replaced with June 7-8.

  12. Thank you, all!!

    Sherlie and Tom--

    I asked about the departure date when I sent in my aspiration statement and resume... still no word. However, the more I hear the more June 7th sounds correct. I guess we'll see when the plane tickets arrive!!!!!!!