Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Kidding, Not China.

I just got a call from my Placement Specialist that China does not actually work for me. There was a mistake in inviting me to that program.

Good thing I have been practicing so hard to be flexible and patient.

I will get contact on Monday with some possible program options that are a fit for me. More info on that then.

The funny thing is that the mis-invitation is not even the thing that is bugging me the most. The biggest thing on my mind is the fact that I am STILL unpacking, which means that my living situation is a mess. That is what is bothering me the most. How did I acquire so much freaking stuff? Oh well, at least this is something to keep me occupied.


  1. You will ". . .get contact on Monday . . ."?
    Does that meant that PC offices will be open on Monday (Presidents' Day)? I had assumed this to be a three day weekend, further lengthening my wait until I hear from Placement.

  2. Hi, Lew.

    Honestly, I'm not sure. My PO said that this will be her priority on Monday and that I will get an email from her after she looks at everything again. She could have forgotten that they don't have work on Mon. It would seem funny if PC Offices were open for Presidents' Day.

    Good luck on your Placement!! I'm sure you'll hear from them soon.

    That cleaning distraction only worked for a number of hours after I got the call. So, I am working really hard to trust the Universe to keep a PMA.