Monday, February 7, 2011

Speak of the devil

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! It is so nice to hear that I am not alone in this and that my experience does not deviate too far for the 'norm'.

I did receive a call from Suzy this afternoon. Suzy is the wonderful woman who preliminarily reviewed my application, from the Peace Corps Assessment and Placement Office. I just got a voicemail and an email from her, but she was SO nice. I found out that I need to update my resume, it can only be 1 page long. I also was asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding education in other countries, since I am nominated as an educator.
The questionnaire asked standard peace corps questions like: Why do you want to be a teacher in a developing country? and then questions about corporal punishment and memorization learning.

Very interesting. It seems like progress is being made.... kind of. She did warn me that it may be weeks before I hear from them again. So, those of you who are already in this stage that I am just entering- They know that you are waiting.

I was also asked to update an education skills addendum. I am trying really hard to not think that this is an indication that they do not think that I have enough experience. Really, really hard.

My fingers are crossed for all of us who are waiting. and Thanks again!

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  1. hang in there, em! I'm sure they just want detailed information so they can brag about you to the people with whom you will be working with very soon! xoxo