Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ok, Here we go...

I feel like my head is spinning.

I have finally given in to planning things. I have waited and waited as long as possible because I am worried that I am going to plan the rest of my time before Swaziland right away. This always happens, I put a few things on the calendar and the rest of my time is reduced to a few weeks or weekends. I guess I've realized now that time flies whether you plan it or not, so I might as well be productive and do fun things  (as long as I can remember to do other stuff, like smart packing). I know that my departure date is months away, but I am already worried about things like packing, and learning SiSwati.

I am also realizing, after spending the day with my pandora, that I am seriously going to miss my pandora music selection.

Oh, man... I'm going to SWAZILAND!!  I need to do more work on my packing list.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally sent my Aspiration Statement and Resume

There is so much to celebrate today!! I finally sent in my aspiration statement and updated resume. I don't know why it was so intimidating, or why it took so long, but it is finally done!  Luckily, I sent in my passport docs last week.

I feel like I am finally free now. I quit my job and essentially left Columbus about 3.5 weeks ago. However, I have had to travel back and forth every week since, and I have had all of this PC stuff to do. And now.... I'm free and it's Mardi Gras!!!

For some reason I felt like I had to essentially put everything on hold (especially everything Swazi) until I got my aspiration statement and resume done.

WooHoo! Now I have time to update my blog with more Swazi info and packing lists.