Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More pictures - mostly from Lobola (the price a man has to pay for a bride, in cows)

Frog from Crocodile hunting, yeah it was just sitting on that leaf when we spotted it.
Very fun Bomake at the Lobola.

This girl was very photogenic. We couldn't resist

Swazi Home cooking.

Hey kids, sit on that Hilux bumper and smile. Always cute photos of kids.

These two are brothers. The guy in the blue was telling me that his brother, in the black, could have 30 cows ready for my lobola by the next day. And we figure out that it costs about 8 cows to fly round trip to the US. That's my new skirt and scarf! I love them and can't wait to have another one made :)

Kyra is taking the picture, on the right. Gugu is in the middle. It was her lobola (15 ->17 cows, 2 were pregnant and what to do with them had to be negotiated).

We were pounding peanuts to add to the samp. Samp is chunky corn kernals and beans boiled together and then add raw peanuts ground into a powder.

It was rteally hard work and the sisi in this picture helped us. She was an awesome lady!! Kyra did most of the grinding then I did the sifting. Kyra then proceeded to arm wrestle several teenage girls. At least she beat 2 of them (an tied the other one ;) It was a very fun time!

These are the cattle in the krawl. Bobabe are deciding what to do about the 2 pregnant cows. They end up just giving Gugu 17 cows, but it is possible that they could have asked her to give the 2 baby cows back after they were born.

This is the scorpion that was in my hut. It is on the curtain and that netting is the head of my bed. EEK!

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