Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The group of volunteers headed to Umhlanga

Umhlanga Dancers

Make's cat, Lihle, who for some reason frequently has her tongue sticking out.

Maize field, clothes line, chicken coop, garden (to the right with all the trees), and latrine (to the left).

View of the homestead

My hut. I stay on the right side only. A brother stays on the left side when he comes home.

Inside the front door. The main living space.

Mini hallway/water closet, from the main space. Kitchen to the left.

Kitchen to the right, bathroom to the left.

5L of Neopolitan Ice Cream, because that's what we can get. It was really hot that day. We had arrived at my hut about 30 min earlier and have eaten about 2.5 liters already! :)

Enjoying Taco salad on the veranda. This was a serious treat!

Male dancers at Umtsimba (traditional wedding)

 a bunch of neighborhood kids at Umtsimba

Getting ready to start dancing

Mia and her counterpart (Nelsiwe) pose with me for the first picture of the night at Umtsimba.

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