Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pictures! - They loaded backwards so start at the bottom and work your way up :)

Men's traditional wear. Sorry the boys weren't looking at the camera, the photos with their faces were totally inappropriate. Silly Boys
Mia (My Village-mate) and me at Swearing-in. Women's traditional wear.
The Ladies of Group 9, Swaziland.
Ryan sitting with some OVCs in Makhonza during one of our applied language classes.
View opposite the waterfall; at a cultural village we visited.
Th waterfall at a cultural village we visited. It was a hike to get there, but it sure was gorgeous. Plus I was trying out some new settings on my camera. Notice how vivid the colors are?
Sunset view from right outside my training village hut.
View from the training center.
My language group!!
Me and Calile, my AWESOME language teacher :)
Host Family appreciation, with Make Quality (Calile's host mother), Pila (my bhuti), and Make wami.
Pila's Soccer Team
Cutest goats ever were born on my training home stead.
The Host Family...well most of it. And Pila, eating the ceramic fish, I taught him to do silly things while people are taking pictures earlier. It seems I've created a monster :)
Home, home on the range. Yep Cattle graze 100% freely here.
More traditional homes near my training homestead.
Animals at the nature reserve. Can anyone identify these?
Animals at the cultural village. Can anyone tell me what kind of monkey this is?
That's right. We saw a real live Zebra at the reserve!

I love you all!! Take care.

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