Friday, June 24, 2011

Emafethi (Emma Fatty)

Hi, All!! I just copy and pasted a ton of your emails into a word doc onto my flash drive so that I can read them all at home and type and email to respond to all of your awesome questions!!!

So, here is my blog update to hopefully tide you all over until I can send emails back.

I know that you will find it hard to believe that I have discovered the Swazi equivalent of donuts. It too me about a week ans my Make taught me how to make them yesterday. They are appropriately named: Emafethi, pronounced Emma fatty (pretty much anyway). They are delicious. Here is a quick recipe:

# cups of flour = # tbs of oil = x2 #cups of sugar
 ->ex. 3 cu flour, 3 tbs oil, 6 cu sugar.

~tsp instant yeast and salt each.
 add all ingredients.
add water until dough is about the texture of pizza dough.

Let rise ~15 min.

Drop by balls (tablespoon) into boiling oil.


Love you!!!

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